Client: Mahou

Role: – Brand Strategy
– Production

A unique tour

Cómplices de Mahou is a music strategy through which the brand offers music fans an innovative format in which to enjoy live music. It is an experience brought to life through intimate and unforgettable concerts in spectacular city venues, a tool for transmitting key brand values, and inspiring the end consumer.

Cómplices de Mahou — TIU Agency
Cómplices de Mahou — TIU Agency

Breaking down
the barriers between
artist and fans

People always enjoy a Mahou among friends, and the objective was to create that same bond, affinity and complicity between audience and artist. By situating artists’ performance at the same level as the audience, with a unique concert layout and event dressing, and eliminating in-venue phone network coverage, a magical connection is created between artist and fans, producing unforgettable music experiences.

Cómplices de Mahou — TIU Agency
Cómplices de Mahou — TIU Agency

Music as
a brand canvas

A strategy launched in 2014 with a long-term view that allowed Mahou to establish and build a lasting bond with its core music public, while simultaneously forging closer trade relationships with the concert venues involved, helping the brand to meet  the dual objective of increasing number of outlets and expanding into new geographical territories.

Cómplices de Mahou — TIU Agency
Zahara. Espacio Vías, León, 2016
Izal. Joy Eslava, Madrid, 2016
Rozalén. Sala Penélope, Madrid, 2016