Client: Converse

Role: – Brand strategy
– Production
– Media planning
– Content Curation

Supporting emerging talent

Converse Make Noise is a programme which makes a firm commitment to supporting musical talent and launching the careers of young emerging artists. Real needs of emerging artists are met through the creative and live performance phases of the programme, a project which has been instrumental in bringing the brand back to the heart of the local music community. 

Make Noise — TIU Agency
Make Noise — TIU Agency

A musical launch pad

A programme which has demonstrated Converse’s commitment to music through supporting artists’ creativity and providing them with a stage on which to showcase their art. Over the course of 5 editions, it has provided artists with the tools, personalised tutoring, studios, rehearsal venues and everything else they have needed to launch their musical careers.

Make Noise — TIU Agency

One project.
Massive results.

An action with an end goal: to promote the careers of up-and-coming bands through creative support, and live concerts. Over 100 concerts during the course of 3 years have helped more than 150 artists, propelling some of them to international renown, such as Hinds, The Parrots and Sau Poler.

Baywaves. Make Noise Take Over, 2015
Los Nastys. Make Noise Malasaña, 2014
Crowdsurfing. Make Noise Malasaña, 2013
Crowd. Sala BUT, 2013
Make Noise — TIU Agency