Client: Converse

Role: – Brand Strategy
– Production
– PR
– Digital Activation

A wall transformed into art

A giant, urban blank canvas, two street artists, and a hashtag inviting any user to offer up their inspiration via Twitter. The result? An improvised, large-scale work of art with which Converse sought to transform the conventionality of a grey inner city wall into an explosion of colour and creativity.

Wall of Clash — TIU Agency
Wall of Clash — TIU Agency

An artwork created by all

Inspiration is everywhere and with Wall of Clash we took this idea to its logical conclusion. From all over the world, users provided their inspiration through Twitter in real time, making their mark on this ground-breaking event which took local action global through the online frontier.

Wall of Clash — TIU Agency
Hinds. Wall of clash, 2014

An inspiring and transformative event

A live painting event brought to life thanks to the graffiti artists Okuda and Suso33. The huge work of art was created live over the course of 8 non-stop hours in the centre of Madrid, during which more and more spectators joined in, transforming themselves into eyewitnesses of an inspiring and highly original event.

Wall of Clash — TIU Agency